Project Description

IP65 100w LED high light Cree LED

Product description:

1.Products can be used as led high bay lights, led tunnel light, led floodlight, led mining lamp.
2.Used in factories, mines, power plants, steel mills, workshops, warehouses, stadiums, street, waiting rooms, stations, petrol stations, airports, terminals, shopping malls, supermarkets and other large spacious places lighting lighting, typically used for global illumination hanging high.
3.The modular design can be freely combined different from low to high power. Can be used in a variety of different occasions.
4.From 30 degrees -130 degrees angle optical lens, light intensity and meet customer needs illumination range.
5.Unique stent design to meet customer different installation requirements (such as ceiling, wall-mounted, side-mounted, etc.).

high bay light

Product Features:
1. High lumens Bridgelux LED chip, higher than 20-22LM per LED;
2. Super system and treatment of heat dissipation with aluminum radiator;
3. Pure aluminium outline border, bright silver treatment, great heat dissipation, and higher-grade appearance;
4. Very uniform lighting effect, no dark space, lighting efficiency >110LM/W;
5. Isolated constant current power, wide input voltage range, more safe;led-industrial-bay-light


The input voltage of this led high bay light is AC85-265Vac.
So,You can contact with the power directly.

LED high bay light install

Advantage :
1.An application of LED light source to achieve more than 80% energy saving, saving energy costs.
2.long life, saving product replacement costs.
3.based on customer use of environmental requirements, different color temperatures can be designed to suit the requirements of different environments on the light source.
4.low-carbon environmentally friendly products, all the materials for environmental pollution-free materials, environmental compliance, reduce environmental pollution.
5.high transmittance glass optical lenses, such as brightness and road lighting.
6.optical light, no glare, no light pollution, strong direction, uniformly high.
7.high-power LED chip package.
8.constant current driver, start-up time is short, 0.95 power factor, high power efficiency, practical and long life, safe and reliable.
9.accurately control the light direction, the light sufficiently on the required distribution of the illumination of the road surface, to prevent glare and light pollution.
10.outstanding workmanship using one piece aluminum radiator, large heat radiation area, greatly enhance the air convection cooling body.
11.reliable silicone rubber seal, resistance to high temperatures above 150 degrees, aging, light body sealing, waterproof and dustproof.

Delivery & Shipment:

Package–Sample or Small Order
DELIVERY: Within one week (Sample or Small order), Depend on the order details (Bulk Order)
SHIPMENT: Express by UPS/Fedex/DHL/TNT/EMS for samples
Air freight for Medium order (about 200kg)
Sea Freight for Bulk order



Power:100w Size:435*266*226 mm
Input Voltage:AC100-240Vac Beam angle: 25°45°60°90°
Lumen:9900lm Working temp:-20-50℃
Power factor>0.9 Life long:50000hours
Waterproof:IP65 Warranty:5 years

1.COB Lamp Module using BIDGELU 45M chip package, the luminous efficiency >110LM / W.Ra>75-80.
2.Transmittance> 95%, optical plastic material, the optical lens 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees.
3.The warranty is 3 years

production line

Furniture lighting, Underground garage, parking lot, household, shool, hospital, office, workshop, supermarket etc;

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