Project Description

70w LED Flood light COB LED Bridgelux IP65

Product description:

1.lamps made of high quality aluminum alloy, stainless steel and die-cast lamp body as a whole, unique shape, direction and angle can be adjusted;
2.lamps with glass and rubber, silicone seal, internal epoxy potting, with good waterproof performance;
3.imported light low efficiency, high luminous flux, color and strong, life can reach 50,000 hours;
4.Built-AC85V-265V/AC110V/AC227V wide voltage constant current driver, make sure the lights work properly in different national, regional or voltage instability, another low pressure DC12V/DC24Vdrivers to choose from.
5.Lighting Control: monochrome effect (red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white); internal synchronous RGB color changes; outside the control of synchronous RGB color changes; national standard DMX512 protocol control system;
6.Protection grade: IP65.

models of flood light

Product Features:
1. High lumens Bridgelux LED chip, higher than 20-22LM per LED;
2. Super system and treatment of heat dissipation with aluminum radiator;
3. Pure aluminium outline border, bright silver treatment, great heat dissipation, and higher-grade appearance;
4. Very uniform lighting effect, no dark space, lighting efficiency >110LM/W;
5. Isolated constant current power, wide input voltage range, more safe;size 01


1, in the position you need to install three Φ10mm drill hole depth 100MM, as shown in Figure 1;
2, M8 * 80MM expansion screws into the drilled hole and tighten well, shown in figure II;
3, the level of investment M8 * 80MM screw drill holes and wall light bracket screw holes on the expansion of the alignment, shown in Figure 3;
4, the Spotlights cast the mounting position and verify that the installation firm, shown in Figure IV;
5, the lighting fixtures to the correct position of the rotary and fixed, then market power, thus the installation is complete, as five shows.


Installation instructions Notes :
1.LED flat drill Spotlights input line 3-wire power cord, which then Fire Wire red, blue line zero line, yellow line ground wire.
2 more than the rest of the installation in accordance with the installation to install, be sure to tighten the screws, to prevent the loss or rotate the installation process to keep the drill level LED Spotlights balance.
3 When external power cord, must take appropriate waterproofing, leakage measures.
4 The lamp does not violate any laws when using fire.
5 Make sure the maintenance has been powered down before maintenance.
6 must be operating by a professional electrician to install

Delivery & Shipment:

Package–Sample or Small Order
DELIVERY: Within one week (Sample or Small order), Depend on the order details (Bulk Order)
SHIPMENT: Express by UPS/Fedex/DHL/TNT/EMS for samples
Air freight for Medium order (about 200kg)
Sea Freight for Bulk order



Power:70w Size:282*220*117 mm
Input Voltage:AC100-240Vac CRI>80
LED:70w COB 45mil(Bridgelux) Color:W,WW,CW
Lumen:5000lm Working temp:-20-50℃
Power factor>0.9 Life long:50000hours
Waterproof:IP65 Warranty:3 years

1.All the leds are made by Bridgelux,the lumen can be above 110lm/w.
2.The driver is constant current driver,the power factor can be 0.95.
3.The warranty is 3 years


Furniture lighting, Underground garage, parking lot, household, shool, hospital, office, workshop, supermarket etc;

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